There are two main sources of travel health information within the UK. Both are effectively NHS sites.

Both provide a wealth of information for patients to investigate any travel health risks or vaccination requirements themselves.

Although both sources say they are UK wide resources Travel Health Pro will generally govern England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Fit for travel is a Scottish resource.

Information is common to both sites as you would expect. However, there can be variations when it comes to Malaria prophylaxis advice. This is a result of how the guidelines are created.

England/Wales are guided by the Advisory Committee on Malaria Prevention/Public Health England  (ACMP/PHE) and in Scotland by Health Protection Scotland (HPS) Scottish in conjunction with the Scottish Malaria Advisory Group.

We have asked for further clarification from ACMP and have received the following advice.

“The ACMP prophylaxis guidelines are intended for UK-based travellers. We recommend health professionals stick to using one resource for country specific malaria recommendations to optimise consistency of advice. Whilst we recognise that other sources of advice are available, healthcare professionals working in England, Wales or Northern Ireland are advised to use the ACMP guidelines as their preferred source of guidance for malaria prevention. The malaria prevention advice provided in TravelHealthPro is identical to that in the ACMP Guidelines.

Guidance is based on a wide range of sources and carefully considered by experts, which may lead to differences in some areas between advice given on TravelHealthPro/ACMP guidelines and Fit For Travel.”