Global Health Travel clinic LTD provide a range of SOPs for new or existing pharmacy to operate either as part of a new pharmacy or existing pharmacy operation.

The Superintendent pharmacist and responsible pharmacist are responsible for the SOPs once operational and can edit as required to suite any specific needs of the travel clinic.

The content and range of SOPs are under constant revision following Clinical Governance review meetings held as part of the Global Health Travel Clinic license agreement

SOPs include;

  • GHTC-SOP-001.V1 Risk management
  • GHTC-SOP-002.V1 Accessible Information Standards
  • GHTC-SOP-003.V1 Superintendent Pharmacist
  • GHTC-SOP-004.V1 Responsible Pharmacist
  • GHTC-SOP-005.V1 Roles & responsibilities
  • GHTC-SOP-006.V2 GDPR and Information Governance
  • GHTC-SOP-007.V2 Clinical Governance incorporating reporting of incidents, complaints and personal data breaches
  • GHTC-SOP-008.V1 Safeguarding
  • GHTC-SOP-009.V1 Whistleblowing
  • GHTC-SOP-010.V1 Purchase procedure
  • GHTC-SOP-011.V1 Falsified medicines
  • GHTC-SOP-012.V1 Product Recall
  • GHTC-SOP-013.V1 Storage of medicines
  • GHTC-SOP-014.V1 Security, pest control and maintenance
  • GHTC-SOP-015.V1 Training, Staff Validation and Competency
  • GHTC-SOP-016.V1 Destruction of medicines
  • GHTC-SOP-017.V1 Anaphylaxis
  • GHTC-SOP-018.V1 Assessing Patient Suitability for Treatment
  • GHTC-SOP-019.V2 Consent
  • GHTC-SOP-020.V1 Handling of Needles and Needle Stick Injury
  • GHTC-SOP-021.V2 Biohazard Spillage
  • GHTC-SOP-022.V1 Patient Involvement and Feedback
  • GHTC-SOP-023.V1 Managing Complaints
  • GHTC-SOP-024.V1 Sale of non-prescription medicine and support for self-care
  • GHTC-SOP-025.V1 End to end patient experience process
  • GHTC-SOP-026.V1 Outreach Clinics
  • GHTC-SOP-027.V1 Deliveries